David Grieco was born in New York. At an early age, he became aware of his passion for art that is inherent in the nature of being. While he has been an artist most of his life, David has never pursued formal training as a sculptor. Despite the unconventional path he has chosen, he received significant industry recognition and most importantly believes he has found his true calling for expression. His work has always reflected his desire and ability to emulate human emotions in sculpted form. The Getty Museum claims "…it may be his lack of training that allows him to create his own rules and break new barriers in (sculpture)." At the age of eleven, he received recognition for his ability at the 1983 New York State Art Exhibition.
David fully realized his natural creative ability for sculpture while assisting a well-known artist on a Los Angeles monument in 1994.
Soon afterwards, he focused on his passion for emotional expression and evolved his attraction to form and lines. His life's ambition is to sculpt the various emotions of the human spirit, capturing in bronze the innermost feelings of humanity. Both national and international collectors have praised his work as representative of our time. "David Grieco's work is deeply rooted in the soul of spirit in the storm of unconsciousness."
David's work consists of six phases: the emotions of man, the emotions of woman, the emotional unity of man and woman, the natural elements of life, the eternal, and the portraits. Currently, he is receiving much praise for his ten foot piece "Man Embracing Fear," a product of Phase One.